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How To Use Keywords For SEO

How To Use Keywords For SEO

use keyword for seo
How To Use Keywords For SEO

  Friends, today we will learn about How To Use Keywords For SEO in Blog Post. To make Post SEO friendly, it is important to use a quality keyword. Today I will tell you where and how to use keywords in your article for SEO. You can get ideas about use keyword on blog post by our website online ideas.

  Search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) will rank your which article, depends on which keyword you use in the article and where you use it. If you do not know how to use a keyword, you are losing a lot of traffic.

  If you want online money through blogging, writing a good quality article is as important as it is, the more important it is to use the keyword correctly. So let us know where and how to use high-quality keywords in the blog post.

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Use Keyword In Article For SEO

  When you write an article, using the place to add keywords it is called Keyword Placement or Keyword Prominence.

  This is an important factor for SEO of your post. If you do not use keywords correctly in the post, then your post will not be able to rank in the search engine even if you have written a high-quality article.

  Through keywords, you generate traffic from search engines on your article. It depends on what keyword you rank, what keyword you used in the article and where it has been placed in the article.

  Here we are going to give you important tips about How To Use Keywords For SEO, which you can make the article SEO friendly by following.

Keyword In Post Title

  Post title for On-Page SEO is an important factor. If the title of your article is great and it contains targeted keywords, the more people click on your blog post. For this reason, you must use your main keyword in the title/headline of your post.

  The title of the post is by default H1 heading. Use your main keyword in Title as well as in other headings like H2. This will definitely give you the benefit of the search engine rankings.


  One of the most important things in the post after the title is the permalink. Permalink is the URL / link of any post, to make it SEO friendly, include the main targeted keyword of your article in the permalink.

Meta Description

  Whenever you search anything in the search engine, you show title, permalink and meta description in all the results. These 3 factors are very important to rank your post.

  Meta Description or Search Description provide some information to your search engine about your article. You can also use your main keyword in it as well as some other related keywords.

  Your blog post should have a meta description of 160 characters. The more unique it is, the more relevant keywords, people will click more on your link and it will help in ranking a particular keyword.

Image Alt Text

  Image is the best way to get more traffic on your blog. You can find search engine traffic by optimizing the image of the blog post. But the search engine does not recognize the image. That's why` you have to use Alt Text in the image.

  In Alt Text, use the main keyword of your article. Apart from this, you can also use keywords in the title text and caption of the image. Whenever somebody searches for that specific keyword in Google Image Search, the image of your blog post will show and it will get traffic on your post.

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Use Keyword in Post’s First and Last Paragraph

  You should add your main keyword to the first line of the first paragraph of your article and if possible, use a related keyword in the same paragraph. Whenever you write an article, try to use your targeted/related keyword 2 to 3 times in the introduction of the article.

  In the same way, you must also add the main keyword to the last paragraph. Apart from this, you can include target keywords and LSI keyword as well as in the middle of the post.

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Do not use keywords more many times

  But do not use too many keywords anymore, it may be keyword stuffing on your post. Include your main keyword and related keyword with the keyword's density of approximately 1-1.5%. If your article is about 500 words then use the keyword 5 to 7 times in it.

  Make sure to use Bold, Italic or Underline wherever you use the keyword in the post.

  By following these tips, you can understand how to use the keyword for SEO on your blog post and rank your targeted keyword in the search engine. To know how to keyword research, please read my article Keyword Research.

use keywords for seo
How To Use Keywords For SEO

  Hope this post would have liked you. If you like this post, then definitely share it with your friends and on social media.


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