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How To Use Facebook Watch And Make Money With Facebook

How To Use Facebook Watch And Make Money With Facebook

FaceBook Watch
How To Use Facebook Watch And Make Money With Facebook

  Facebook has launched its new services Facebook Watch, Ad Breaks, and Creator Studio. If you do not know what is Facebook Watch, How To Use Facebook Watch And Make Money With Facebook, then you must read this post.

  If you are a video creator then there is good news for you because like YouTube, now you can make money by sharing your video on Facebook too. So far YouTube has been running its monopoly, but Facebook has also been prepared to make it competitive.

  For success to earning money online, we are working such as Youtube, Blogging and affiliate marketing, now you can earn successfully by making Facebook watch too.

What Is Facebook Watch

  Facebook Watch is a video sharing service, and like youtube, you can make money with Facebook by uploading your video to Facebook.

  Video on Demand service was announced by Facebook on August 9, 2017. First, it was just launched in the US. So far only select publishers were given the opportunity, they could monetize their video on Facebook.

  Facebook has launched worldwide on 29 August 2018, and the video on Demand service has been renamed to Facebook Watch.

  The company has added a lot of new features to it. About this, Facebook says, "With the global launch of Watch, we are supporting publishers and creators globally in two critical areas: helping them make money from their videos on Facebook with ad breaks and help them better understand how their content is performing with Creator Studio. "

  You will have a question about what are Ad breaks and how we can make money with Facebook Watch.

How to Make Money With Facebook Watch

  Facebook Watch will be monetized via ad breaks. It will work just like you show ads through Adsense on YouTube. Image ads will also be shown along with mid-roll and pre-roll advertising under Ad breaks. Whenever an advertisement is shown, there is a revenue share between the publisher or the creator.

  Whatever the revenue of the Ad breaks will be shared, 55% for Creators and Facebook will hold 45%, as is the revenue share on YouTube.

Monetization Eligibility Criteria

  There are some eligibility criteria for monetizing your Facebook videos that you have to follow so you can monetize your Ad breaks in the Facebook page.

 - You must have a Facebook page.

 - Your page should have at least 10000 followers.

 - The videos you publish in the last 2 months should have 30,000 views and the length of that video should be at least 3 minutes.

 - A view here will be counted only when the audience sees your video above 1 minute. (Even if the video is seen for 59 minutes, then 1views will not be counted).

 - If you have a service for Ad Breaks in your country then you can monetize it.

Creator Studio

  Facebook has also launched globally with creator studio with the Facebook watch, ad breaks. Where you can manage your entire content library and business. This helps in managing messages, comments, views, monetization, payments and publishing videos as a YouTube studio. By analyzing this creator can improve your content and increase audience retention.

  Video content creator is now ready to make money with Facebook. But for that, you have to fulfill the eligibility criteria. If you do not have a Facebook page yet, start creating a page and uploading it to the video. As long as Facebook brings your monetization policy, your page meets all their criteria.

  As a Facebook watch, YouTube has got its own strong competitor so that much of the creators are going to benefit from it. The competition for video on Facebook is very small, so you should start working right now.

  I hope you have found complete information about how to use Facebook Watch and Make Money With Facebook. If you have found this post helpful, you can share this with as much as possible in social media.

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