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Blogger VS WordPress For Making Money

Blogger VS WordPress For Making Money

Blogger VS WordPress
Blogger VS WordPress For Making Money
  We have a problem that we choose Blogger or WordPress to create our blog? Blogger VS WordPress For Making Money, Which is better for us between Blogger and WordPress?What are the benefits of creating a blog on Blogger? What are the advantages of creating a blog on WordPress? What is the difference between Blogger and WordPress?

  If you are thinking of making money by making your own blog, then read our post once. Often people make many mistakes while making a blog, due to which they can not get a result of their hard work. Finally frustrating, they have to leave Blogging.

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  If you do not want to be so with you then there are some things about which it is very important to know before starting blogging.

  Whenever we create a blog, we need some blogging platform for it. Well, many blogging platforms are available to create a blog. Some of these are free then some are paid.

  When we do not have basic information about blogging, we choose any of these Blogging Platforms. In the future, we know that we have made a big mistake in choosing a Blogging Platform. In such cases, we sometimes have to close that blog. Today we will tell you which blogging platform will be good for you.

Blogger Vs WordPress : Which is Better

  Now you may have come to know that we need some blogging platform to create a blog. Which of these blogging platform would be better for us? Which blogging platform should we choose to get a good result of my hard work?

  Well, there are many blogging platforms to create a blog, but most of the bloggers use two platforms to create their own blog.
  1. Blogger (
  2. WordPress (
  Actually, both Blogger and WordPress have some of its advantages and disadvantages too. We are telling you the advantages and disadvantages of both here, on the basis of which you will be able to decide which will be better for you between Blogger and WordPress?

Choose from Blogger and WordPress based on Free and Paid

  If you use Blogger to create your blog, its biggest advantage is that it is free. If you make your blog on Blogger, then it will totally free of cost. You do not have to give any money to anyone.

  If we talk about WordPress, then you will have to take any other company's hosting plan to use it. These hosting plans are quite expensive. However many websites are such that Provides Free  Hosting but you don't try to use any free hosting. You may be you have to repent further.

Which one is better between Blogger and WordPress based on Ownership or Control

  If you create your blog on Blogger then its owner will not be you, but Google will be. Because  Blogger is Google's product, your blogs owned will be Google. It's not that you have no control over your blog. You will control but limited. You can only manage your blog. If Google wants, he can also close your blog at any time. However, Google takes this step only when you work against its rules.

  If you create your blog on WordPress, then you will have complete control over your blog. Your Blogs owner will be you. Nobody can close your blog unless you want it. You can close your blog only if you want it, or else not. Based on this, we can say that WordPress is better than Blogger.

Choose from Blogger and WordPress based on Customization

  If you create your blog on Blogger, you will have a very limited option to customize your blog. You can not customize your blog as you wish.

  If you create your blog on WordPress then you will have many options available to customize your blog. You can customize your blog any way you like. To customize your blog, you will find thousands of plugins in WordPress that will make your work a lot easier. There is a Plugin of everything in WordPress so that you will not have any problem in customizing your blog.

Which one better between Blogger and WordPress based on Themes

  how your blog will look like to see, it depends on the themes or template you use. If you create your blog on Blogger, you get very few themes for your blog. If you try to download a free theme or template from outside, this can also be your Blog Hack. If you want to buy a good Theme or Template for Blogger, you will find very little option about this too.

  Whereas in WordPress, you will find thousands of free themes. Apart from this, if you want to buy a theme, you will find many themes for WordPress, which you can buy.

Blogger Vs WordPress Based on Security

  If we talk about the security of our blog, then Blogger is better than WordPress. Since this is Google's product, therefore you do not have to worry about security perspective. Your blog's responsibility to protect is by Google.

  While hacking your blog on WordPress is a little easier. You are the owner of this, therefore, you also have the responsibility of protecting yourself. But you do not have to worry. In WordPress, you will find many plugins that can strengthen the security of your blog.

Based on Portability, the difference between Blogger and WordPress

  suppose you make your blog on Blogger. If you want to move your blog to another platform later, you may have a lot of trouble doing this. Your blog's ranking may also have an impact.

  If your blog is on WordPress, you will not have any problem in moving your blog to another platform.

Blogger Vs WordPress Based on AdSense

  If you are building a blog then you will have to make money in your mind. You will need to get Approval from AdSense for this. If you run on your Blogger blog, you will find it easier to get an Approval of AdSense.

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  if your blog is on WordPress, getting the approval of AdSense can be a bit difficult. Apart from this, there are many Ad Networks that do not support Blogger while supporting WordPress, like -

Blogger Vs WordPress Based on SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  If you are doing blogging, you will know very well what is the importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in the field of Blogging. If you do not do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your blog then you can work as hard as you like on your blog, all is useless. If you are building your blog on blogger, then you do not get many options for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which affects your blog's ranking and also affects your earnings.

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  If you are operating your blog on WordPress then you do not even have to worry about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). You will find many plugins that will solve the problem of your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO Yoast is a similar plugin that will tell you where to do for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

Blogger Vs WordPress Based on Server Down

  One advantage of creating a blog or website on Blogger is that your blog or your website will never be down if many people come to your website at the same time.

  If you create your own blog or website on WordPress, if more people visit your blog or your website at the same time then your website will be down. If your blog or your website is down frequently, this can break the ranking of your blog or website.

Blogger Vs WordPress Based on CPC

  If your blog is on Blogger then you get a little less CPC. If your blog is on WordPress, then you get more CPC. CPC means - Cost Per Click. How much money you will get on one click?

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  On Blogger, you usually get a 0.01 Doller CPC, if your blog is in Hindi and is read in India. If your blog is on WordPress then in India you can get CPC 0.04 to 0.06 for Hindi Blog. More CPC Meaning more earning.
Blogger VS WordPress
Blogger VS WordPress For Making Money

  I hope you better understand by reading this post, which one is better Blogger VS WordPress For Making Money. If you like this post, share it with your friends and also share it on social media. You will get this type of more information on our website Online Ideas.

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