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Best Ways To Increase Adsense CPC Rates

Best Ways To Increase Adsense CPC Rates

Adsense CPC Rates
Best Ways To Increase Adsense CPC Rates

  Best Ways To Increase Adsense CPC Rates - Google Adsense is the Best & Trusted Medium to Online earn, so, all bloggers place Google Adsense Ads on their blog. So that they can earn their online earnings through Google Adsense because Adsense is Google's product and Google Provides Ads of Different Categories to us, so we can make an "Online Earning" through Adsense by creating Blog on any topic.

  To Earning from Google Adsense, you have to pay attention to Google Adsense CPC because the more your Google Adsense CPC is, the more earnings you have.

  We are going to tell you some tips through our website online ideas in this article, from which you can Increase Google Adsense CPC Rate.

Best Tips For Increase Adsense CPC Rates

  To Improve the Adsense CPC Rate (Click Per Cost), you have to Focus on all these topics.

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High CPC Keyword

  We can use High CPC Keyword in our post. By which that when any user searches our keyword on Google or Other Search Engine and click on our post, then we get more earnings.

  A lot of people thinking, High CPC Keyword means when using such kind of keywords increases views on our article, but it's not at all. But by using High CPC Keywords is increases both, traffic and our earnings.

Actually using High CPC Keyword also comes with expensive Ads on your articles. More expensive Ads means that when anybody clicks on any of your ads, then the company will pay more money. In this way, if you talk about Revenu, then if the company is paying more then you will get more revenue.

  This is Main Factor to use High CPC Keyword in your articles, which makes both your blog's Ranking and Google Adsense CPC Rates high.

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Adsense Ad-Code Placement

  When we start adding Adsense Ads on our blog, most people prefer to place ads on Header, Sidebar, and Footer. But you may have noticed that when you search any article on the internet then you never see Ads of the Header, Sidebar or Footer of an article you read.

  Now comes a question why? Because we do not care for those ads. Our Main Focus is on our topic for which we went to that website, so we do not need to see those ads and click on them. The same thing when another user visits our article, he does not focus on Header, Sidebar or Footer Ads.

  Now a question comes again where to place ads? Seeing Ads on Header, Sidebar, and Footer, our blog looks just professional, so we must never forget these places. With this, we need to focus on the attention of the users on our Ads so that they click on that Ads.

  For this reason, place your Adsense Ads in the middle of your article, at the end of the paragraph.

  You must use Feature Ads, Content Ads, and Link Ads on your blog because when you place these ads, the chances of getting Clicks are greatly increased.

Use Robot.Txt And Add Adsense Ads, According  Article

  By using Robot.txt we can use Google Adsense Ads according to your article. Actually, some time ago, we had written an article Use Custom Robots.txt With Yout Blog in which how to use robot.txt how to modify, etc. then you should read that article and add a Robot.txt file to your blog.

  Adding the Robot.txt File Google Adsense reads our article. And according to that article, Show Ads on our Article. By which the user sees Ads related to our Topic and he clicks on Add to take that Service.

Write Complete Article

  When you publish an article on a topic in your blog, you should keep in mind that you can share as much information with your users. Because when you write a Complete Article, any user who visits your article gets complete information on that topic. This gives you two advantages Page View Time and User Satisfaction.

Page View Time

  When you write a Complete article on a topic, your User reads the whole article so that it remains on your article for a long time. This increase Watch Time of your Blog.

User Satisfaction

  When your users get complete information on a topic, they will regularly visit your blog. Which means that your Blog is Ranking High and your Google Adsense CPC also gets Improve.

Target Location

  Targeting a location on the blog is a quick show our Article in Search Results in that Location, which is a Traffic Increase on our Article. But for High CPC, we have to target location where CPCs get more.

  USA, Australia Etc. It is important that your blog should be in the English language and your English is also good. Because there is nobody searching any article in another language. in foreign Countries, you can write Blog in English and Target Location with Custom Domain. Traffic from foreign will also start coming to your blog and the CPC will also be high.

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization)

  SEO is a very important Factor, if you are a New Blogger or want to understand Blogging properly, then you have to understand SEO first. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) means to Optimize Your Article and Website According to Search Engine, which can quickly boost your Website in Search Result.

  There are two types of SEO 1. On Page SEO and 2. Off Page SEO

On Page SEO Techniques

On Page SEO

  Inside On Page SEO, we learn that when we write Article, then we need to know how to optimize that article according to the Search Engine.

Off Page SEO Techniques

Off  Page SEO

  Inside Off Page SEO, we learn that after we write an article, then what we have to do next, such as Link Building, Site Submission, Directory, etc.

Organic Traffic

  Organic Traffic is very important for High CPC. Organic Traffic, mean that the Traffic comes through a direct search engine, on our website. When traffic comes from Search Engine on our website, then we get more CPC and our Earning is also high.

Responsive Ads

  It is also very important that Ads are responsive because users open our website on different places such as Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, and Mobile Phones. If Responsive Ads are on our website, then it will be Resize according to the Device, which the Impact of our Ads on User is also good.

336* 280*
300* 250*
728* 90*
160* 600*

  You can put Ads of these Sizes on your website so that your websites ads work properly everywhere and get you Better Result.

  If you pay attention to all these Points, Traffic will also increase on your website and your Google Adsense CPC also gets high so that you can earn more money.

Increase Adsense CPC Rates
Increase Adsense CPC Rates

  I hope you got completely understand about Best Ways To Increase Adsense CPC Rates. Our website Online Ideas will give you much such information about online information. If you like our article, then definitely share it with your friends and social media.


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