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What is a Backlink

What is a Backlink

What is a Backlink

What is a Backlink and How To Create a Backlink Online

  It is extremely important for new bloggers to know about backlinks, such as what is backlink and how to create backlink for their blog. For complete information about backlinks, you can read this post.

  A backlink is an essential part of Search Engine Optimization, especially to rank your post on the top in the search engine. But most bloggers have a lot of myths about backlinks in mind, today I am about to remove those all doubts.

  Do you know that Backlinks can spoil your reputation and blacklist your website in Google Search! Yes, backlinks will benefit your site or it will be harmed, depending on what type of backlinks you make. There are many factors that making the difference between a good backlink and bad backlink. But before that what is backlink you have to understand it.

About Backlink

  A backlink is a link that comes from another website on your website. Meaning if another website gives a link to your website, you receive a backlink.

  If you link to my any blog post ( from your blog, then whenever a visitor comes to my blog by clicking on that link, I will get a backlink from your site.

  When a blog links to your article, it does a Link Juice Pass. This link juice helps you rank your article on the search engine and also improves your domain authority.

  Backlink was the most major factor to rank your article in the search engine. The more backlinks, the higher your article will rank in Google.

  I.e. the quality of the backlinks did not matter. People used black hat SEO and spammy websites, but now after the new update in Google algorithm, there is also the attention of the quality of the backlink. Otherwise, your blog may also penalize in Google Search.

  Now backlinks must be from quality sites and if your blog is about Traveling then the backlink created for it should be traveling related site.

  Now let us talk about the importance of backlink, why it is beneficial for SEO on your blog.

Importance of Backlinks

  Whenever you create a backlink, then search engines understand those links as "votes" for your website. That is, the search engines think your content is genuine, valuable, credible and useful.

  The more votes you have, the more your site will rank in Google and other search engines. Before creating Backlink, you should be interested in Keyword Research and On-Page SEO, then it will be more effective. Now let us know about the benefits of this.

* Improve Search Ranking

  The main purpose of creating Backlink is to get a search engine ranking. Most of the blog comes mainly from the traffic search engine, so backlink is the main source of organic ranking or traffic on your blog.

  If backlink is of high quality, the niche is relevant, the correct keyword has been used in anchor text, and if there is a dofollow, then Google will improve the rank of post on that keyword.

* Referral Traffic

  Traffic that comes through your link from another blog, not from the search engine, is called referral traffic.

  Generally, referral traffic is related to targeted, niche and its bounce rate is also less. This helps people to trust your blog and build a brand on a particular niche.

* Fast Indexing

  Especially post on a new blog post is not indexed. In this, backlink helps search engine bots by crawling your post and indexing it, and your post is quickly discovered in Google. It has been seen that the blog on which there are more backlinks, their posts are indexed on Google in a few seconds, and some posts on the new blog also take 10-15 days to be indexed.

What is a Backlink

Types of Backlinks

  There are 2 types of backlinks, one is Dofollow backlink and the second is Nofollow backlink.

  You need to understand which type of backlinks you need to make and which type of backlink you will get more benefits.

* DoFollow Backlink

  Do not compare it with the internal link. When we link from one page to another page within the same domain, it is called Internal Link.

  When site owner provides you a dofollow link, it passes the link juice to your site. By creating quality backlinks you can get a high rank in search engine and it also increases your domain authority.

  When creating Backlink, use anchor text, it means that you link to a website or webpage through a particular keyword.

* NoFollow Backlink

 The main difference between Dofollow or Nofollow backlinks is that the dofollow link follows both search engine and human. But the search engine does not follow the Nofollow link (Not crawl by the search engine) only humans can follow it.

  The Nofollow link does not pass from one site to another to link juice, so it is not useful for the ranking of your post. But you can get the referral traffic from this.

  If the Nofollow link is not beneficial then why do people use such a link? This link can save your website from penalties. If you are giving the dofollow link to the spammy website, then your site may also be harmed.

  Therefore, you have to keep the balance between the 'Nofollow' and 'Dofollow' link, both are important.

How To Build Quality Backlinks On Blog

  Creating a backlink for the new blog has always been a daunting task. This is even more difficult for those bloggers who have limited SEO knowledge. To get the most benefit from the search engine, it is very important to create a quality backlink. A high-quality backlink is equal to thousands of low-quality backlinks.

  Here I have mentioned some basic method through which you can create backlink.

* Write Quality Content

  First of all, you should have a question about why a blogger will link to your website or blog?

  Blog or website will give you a link if your blog has a brand, people can getting any benefit from your website, you are successful in inspiring people or writing high-quality content. This is the best way to gain a natural backlink.

  So by doing proper research, write an article with your personal example so that from another website you can get a backlink as a reference.

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* Comment on others blog

  The easiest way to get backlink is to comment on the blog, related to the niche of your blog. However, through this, you get a Nofollow link, but through commenting you can create good relations with other bloggers and attract readers of other blogs.

  A comment does not mean that you comment on this kind of nice article, good information in another blog. Your comment should be of 3-4 lines and you can talk about it related to that post or give a suggestion so that you can attract other readers too.

* Directory Submission

   Another easy way to get Dofollow backlink is by web directory submission. A web directory is called high PR websites that list many blog/websites in different categories according to their content.

* Join to Forum

  Another way to create a backlink is to join the question answer forum and you can also answer people's questions and submit the link of your blog post related to that question.

  You can join a forum like Quora, AskHindi. In this, you will get the Nofollow backlink but in some of the forum, you also get Dofollow backlink. Through this, you will also get traffic on your blog and it will be a genuine reader who will read your post and stay connected to you for a long time.

  So, friends, it was some basic information about backlink, hopefully, what the information is given in the post for backlinks, how beneficial it is to SEO and how you can create a Quality Backlink, would be helpful.

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