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What Is Auto Blogging

What Is Auto Blogging

Auto Blogging
What Is Auto Blogging

  If you are eager to know about What Is Auto Blogging, in this post, you will find all the information about it like what is Auto blogging? What are its advantages and disadvantages? Do we need to do auto blogging and how to do auto blogging?

  In social media, you will find a lot of videos or posts in which are told you, earning $ 100-200 daily with Auto Blogging and many new bloggers start doing it without thinking for the easy money.

  Today I am going to give you complete information related to auto blogging, after which you decide whether you should do it or not.

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About Auto Blogging

  If you call Auto Blogging as automatic blogging, then nothing will be wrong. In Auto blogging, you do not need to write a post, automatically post will be published on your blog.

  We update the post in our blog by using the RSS feed of another popular site/blog. If a post is published in the blog of RSS we are using, then the same post will be automatically published in your blog too.

  We can speak, it is the theft of content. You steal the content of another blog and use it in your blog.

  The blog is credited from where the post has been copied and you can also edit the blog post. But your content is still considered copyrighted. For this reason, your blog can either be removed from Google or completely deleted if you have a copyright claim on your blog.

  If you want to set up Autoblog in the Blogspot, then you can get help from the IFTTT site and if you want to do auto blogging in WordPress then you will get the WP RSS Aggregator plugin.

Benefits of Auto Blogging

  1. The best thing about auto blogging is that, once you have set up Autoblog, then automatic posts will be posted to your blog.

  2. If you do not have time to write a post, you can save time by auto blogging.

  3. Due to regular post updates in the blog, good traffic is coming to your site.

  4. Here you can earn money by promoting affiliate marketing, AdSense alternative advertising networks such as Popads, Bidvertiser, Propeller Ads and your own products/services.

Disadvantages of Auto Blogging

  1. Due to copyright content, there is always a risk of a copyright claims on your blog.

  2. Because of copyright, Google may penalize your blog at any time. If your blog is on BlogSpot, then it can be completely removed.

3. You will not get Adsense approval in this type of blog.

  4. If you use ads in an approved AdSense account, your AdSense suspend or disable may ever be at any time.

  5. Due to duplicate content, Google will not rank your post anytime. Therefore, you will not get much traffic from the search engine.

  6. If you are a professional blogger then it is also not good for your reputation.
  Now you have to decide for yourself whether you should do auto blogging or not, if you still want auto blogging, then you have to take care of some things.

  -Do not use adnetwork such as AdSense and in the Auto blog.

  -Do not invest your money by creating an Autoblog on a platform like WordPress.

  -Create a blog with a separate mail ID in BlogSpot so that it will not affect your second account if the ID is blocked/deleted.

  -Edit the first paragraph and images of any post you are posting and edit it.

 After setting up auto blogging on your Blogger, whenever the blog publishes a new post, it will automatically update the post to your blog.

  You can earn money through ad networks such as Popads, Bidvertiser, Infolink in this blog. Apart from this, you can earn money by selling affiliate products according to your niche.

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Auto Blogging
What Is Auto Blogging

Conclusion on Auto Blogging

  If you want to make money with blogging, then there is no shortcut. You can not succeed in this field by using Auto Blogging for a long time. There is no future of Auto Blogging, due to duplicate content, your blog may be deleted. So professional bloggers stay away from it. But if there is no interest in your blogging or part-time blogging, then you can try it.

  I hope you have got the answer to 'What is Auto blogging'. If you like this post then share it with your friends.


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