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Optimize Images For Website

Optimize Images For Website

Optimize images
Optimize Images For Website SEO

  Friends, today we are going to talk about how to image optimization for website. If you want to know how to image optimization for your website or blog, then you can read this post. Most newer bloggers do not know to optimize image properly, due to which their image does not search engine friendly and there is no more organic traffic on the blog.

  Image optimization is extremely important for website or Blogs on-Page SEO. Many people search for images and if your blog image ranks, you can get more traffic from it.

  With the Image Optimization Technique, you can make your blog's image search engine friendly, which will improve your blog's user experience, performance, and SEO.

  Search Engine simply does not understand the image, by optimizing it, we can make it SEO friendly so that the search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc) can understand it and include it in the search results.

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Benefits of Image Optimization

 - In image search easily ranks the image of your blog, through which you can get traffic.

 - Blog loading time (website speed) is reduced.

 - Blog's bounce rate will decrease, which increases the rank of the post.

 - Image is an important role in getting more clicks in social networking and marketing.

 - If a blogger uses your custom image in its blog and gives a credit link, then you can get a backlink.

  How do I optimize the image for my blog, I'm going to tell you the whole step-by-step process so that you can make your image SEO friendly.

How to Image Optimization for Website or Blog

  To optimize the image properly, the procedure I have told here is to follow it completely. This is especially important for those who have created blogs on Blogspot. Because you do not get any plugins on Blogger, that is why you have to manually optimize the image of your blog.

Choose Right Images

  You must have heard this saying, 'A picture is worth a thousand words', meaning a picture is equal to a thousand words. For this reason, choose the right image for your article, so that your post is more informative and the audience retention remains.

  Never use the copyrighted image in your blog. Many bloggers use the image from Google search and use it on their blog which can be copyrighted.

  From some websites like Pixabay, FreeDigitalPhotos, Pexels, FreeImages, you can download stock images and you can use on your blog it is free.

  If you know about graphics design then it is best that you create custom images for your blog. You can do image design for your blog post in Photoshop or you can create a custom image from a platform like,

Rename Images

  Be sure to rename your images according to the keywords before uploading the image in the blog post. When you download an image from google, its name is something like "01asdk.jpg or 324rjw5.png". Such file names are not search engine friendly.

  While renaming the image, use the main keyword in it. Having a keyword in the image, the search engine ranks it in a better way.

  If you are writing the article "What is auto blogging", then the name of the image will be something like "what-is-auto-blogging.png" or "auto-blogging.jpg".

  Always write the name of the image in the small letter and use dash (-) in between the word.

  Wrong Format: “03od2346pf.jpg”, “Image optimization.png”, “earnmoneyonline.png”

  Perfect Format: “make-money-online.jpg” or “what-is-auto-blogging.png”

Resize Image (Height & Width)

  Resizing the height and width of the image properly is an important factor in image optimization, which most bloggers overlook.

  Note- If you upload an image in your blog post and resize it in the post editor, whenever the browser loads this page, then the image will first be loaded in the original dimension, then it will be resized. This will increase the loading page of your page.

  Whenever you download an image from google, its dimension (height & width) can be higher, so it is important to resize before uploading to your blog. You can resize the image in the computer with the help of the Paint tool or Photoshop. Apart from this, with the help of online tools like PicMonkey and PicResize, you can also resize images.

  According to me, do not keep the main image of blog post more than 650 X 360 pixels. you should use an image of 630 x 340 pixels in your blog post.

Image Compression

  If your file size of Image is too high then your page load will take as much time. For this reason, before uploading the image to a blog, its size must be compressed.

  Try to keep the file size of your image within 50 kb. According to me, the size of your image should be the maximum 80 kb size. The more high-quality image you use, the more file size will be.

  There are so many tools available online like TinyPNG, Optimizilla, ImageOptimizer. By using these tools, you can compress 80% your image size without lose their quality.

  If you resize the image properly and compress its file size, your blog's loading time will increase up to 60%.

ALT Text

  The search engine can not recognize the image and treats it as a blank space. Alt Text is used to describe your image. This gives information to the search engine that your image is here and what the image is about.

  After uploading an image to the Blogspot blog, you can use title text and alt text by going to its Properties.
Optimize images
Optimize Images For Website SEO
  If you have a blog on WordPress then after uploading the image you will find the Alt Text box at the bottom right corner, here you can add alt text keyword.

  In Alt Text, use the main keyword or related keyword of your article, so that your image rank can be much better in image search.

  To rank in the search engine, writing a high-quality article is as essential, optimizing the image used in it is equally important. You can optimize the image of your post by following the steps above.

  If you have any questions or suggestions related to image optimization, you can tell us in the comment below. And if you have found this post helpful, then do not forget to share it with your friends in Social Media.

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