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How To Buy The Best Web Hosting

How To Buy The Best Web Hosting

Best Web Hosting
How To Buy The Best Web Hosting

How To Choose The Best WordPress Hosting

  Today will talk about How To Buy The Best Web Hosting. For WordPress blog, first, you have to buy a Domain and Web Hosting. If you have not yet purchased the domain, then buy a cheap domain from Godaddy, Bigrock and Namecheap.

  Before buying a hosting, take the opinion of the expert about it and read those reviews that have used that hosting. Many times you make another mistake, from the service provider where purchases the domain, you also buy hosting from there.

  If a company provides a good domain it does not mean that it is also good hosting service. So let's know how you can buy a good web hosting.

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Where to Buy Hosting

  There are many companies that offer you good hosting. You can buy hosting from these companies from Rs 99 month to Rs 6000 month or more. But if you are creating a new blog then Within Rs 200 you will get good web hosting.

  Your blog's page load speed depends on your hosting and it also has a ranking factor in Google. Therefore it is very important to use good hosting. Here are some popular and most trusted web hosting names. Hostgator, Bluehost, ResellerClub, Godaddy, SiteGround, NameCheap.

Before buying a Hosting Take Care About it

  Whenever you go to any website to buy hosting, then you get to see lots of plans there. But which plan will be the best for you and the things you need to take care of, let's know.

  Mainly any hosting company offers three types of hosting services: Shared hosting, VPS hosting and Dedicated server.

  Shared hosting is the best one for a new blog, but there are different types of schemes like Linux hosting, Windows hosting, WordPress hosting, Cloud hosting.

  Most people prefer Linux shared hosting only, but if your blog is created with targeting other countries as well, then Cloud Hosting can also be a good option for you.

  If you use CDN like Cloudflare, then you do not need to get Cloud Hosting. In Linux hosting, you can also find a good service.

Disk Space-

  Disk Space is the storage capacity of your hosting. Generally, a 10GB disk space is enough for a new blog. But if you can, buy an unmetered or unlimited hosting plan.


  When a visitor accesses your website, your server uses some data/memory to share that information, it called bandwidth. your server's Bandwidth How much use each month, depending on your page size, visitors, page views

SSL Certificate-

  Nowadays, almost all hosting companies are giving you SSL certificates free. It keeps your blog secure and it's also a Google ranking factor.


  How long time your website is online its called UpTime. Sometimes your server gets down due to some reason and your visitors cannot access your site, it's called Downtime. If your hosting's monthly downtime is more than 24 hours then this is not good for your blog.

 For example, I'm going to tell you about the ResellerClub hosting today. So let's know how you can buy hosting from there.

Best Web Hosting
How To Buy The Best Web Hosting

How To Buy A ResellerClub Hosting

  To buy Hosting, at first, you need a primary domain. That's why first you buy a good domain name or choose a good domain name that is available, you can also buy it from your hosting provider.

1. First of all, you can visit the ResellerClub website and click on Buy Now on Shared Hosting.

2. There are 3 plans (Personal, Business, Pro) here, choose from any of these plans that are right for you.
Personal- If you want to start with a brand new domain, then this plan is right for you. Here you can host only one domain. If you don't intend to create another blog then select it.

Business- Most bloggers choose this plan. Here you can host three domains. Most bloggers have 2 to 3 blogs, this is the best plan for them.

Pro- If you have more than 3 blogs then you can choose a pro plan. If you have multiple blogs then one place is good for hosting all the domains or You can purchase different hosting and host your 2-3 domain in it.

  After deciding which hosting plan is right for you, now click on Buy Now.

3. Now a pop-up will open in front of you, enter the domain name you have purchased in the box here. Uncheck CodeGuard and SiteLock below. Because for this you have to pay some extra money which is not needed and click on Continue to Checkout.

4. Select your hosting duration from Your Order Summary. You can choose from 3 months, 6 months, 1 year to 3 years. After selecting Hosting Duration's, click on Proceed To Checkout.

5. Now you have to create an account, for this, you can create an account by clicking on Create an Account and entering your name, address, mobile number, Gmail id, password.

6. Now you have to select your payment method from here, select one of the options of a debit card, credit card, net banking, UPI and click on Pay Online.

7. Now on the next page, you will find Billing information, Shopping address, and Payment information. Insert your card details inside the Payment information and click on Make Payment.

  As soon as your payment is complete, you will get a message like this. Thank you for your purchase!

  After this, 4-5 mail will be sent to your registered Gmail account, which will also get your payment details, hosting details, and Cpanel details.

  After this, you can connect your domain with hosting, install WordPress and create a new blog.
  I hope this guide to buying web hosting will be very helpful and you will be able to buy a good hosting for your blog.

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