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Hosted And Non Hosted AdSense Account

Hosted And Non-Hosted AdSense Account

AdSense Account
Hosted And Non-Hosted AdSense Account

Difference Between Hosted And Non-Hosted AdSense Account

  If you have any confusion about AdSense Hosted and Non-Hosted Account, then this post will give you full information abort Hosted and Non-Hosted AdSense account.

  Google AdSense is the famous Ad Network in the world. You can earn money by putting AdSense ads on YouTube and Blogging, which are popular methods to earn online money. 90% of Youtuber and Bloggers are the main source of income AdSense. For this reason, if you want to earn money online, you should know some important things about AdSense.

  Today, in this post, we will talk about, What is Hosted and Non-Hosted Account in Google AdSense? What is the difference between and which account is beneficial to you?
Hosted vs Non-Hosted AdSense account
  Generally, Google AdSense provides you 2 types of accounts; Hosted AdSense Account
Non-Hosted Account or Fully Approved Account.

Hosted AdSense Account

  Which AdSense account, allows the publisher for ads to be placed on YouTube and Blogspot blogs only by Google-hosted products, is called Hosted AdSense Account.

  Both YouTube and Blogspot are Google's product. Google does not charge you any money to upload videos to YouTube or to create a blog on Blogspot, while both of these products are hosted by Google. that's why the AdSense account you approve on YouTube and Blogspot Blog is called Hosted AdSense account.

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  . How To Check Hosted Account Online

  Which one Hosted AdSense account is easy to recognize.

  First, sign in to AdSense account and click on the logo you will see on the top of the right corner, a box will open. Here will be written the Hosted account in red color.

  . Revenue share

  The revenue share in AdSense Hosted Account is 55% and 45%.

  The publisher gets 55% and Google takes 45%.

  You can create a Non-Hosted Account by upgrading the Hosted account.

  You can not use the Hosted accounts ads in any other blog or website.

AdSense Account
Hosted And Non-Hosted AdSense Account

Non-Hosted AdSense Account

  When you create a blog or website by purchasing your own hosting and domain and approve it with Google AdSense, a similar account is called Non-Hosted AdSense or Fully Approved Account.

  If you create a website by buying hosting and domain at Godaddy, Hostgator or Big Rock and monetize it with AdSense, that account is called Fully Approved AdSense Account.

  If you use Custom Domain (.com, .in, .org, .net) on Blogspot and approve it with AdSense, you will also get a Non-Hosted Account.

How To Check Non-Hosted Account

  Like the hosted account, nothing is written in the non-hosted Adsense account's Dashboard. It menses this is a Non-hosted AdSense account or Fully approved account.

Revenue Share

  The revenue share for AdSense Non-Hosted Account is 68% and 32%.

  The publisher gets 68% and Google takes 32%.

  You can use the Non-Hosted account ads in multiple blogs or websites.

  It is very difficult to make a non-hosted account after applying your blog with Adsense, for that you have to follow AdSense's guideline.

  You can also use a non-Hosted AdSense Account for your YouTube monetization. But according to your new YouTube guideline, there must be 1,000 Subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time on the channel.

  Friends I hope you know everything about AdSense Hosted Vs Non-Hosted Account. If you are uploading videos only on YouTube, you do not need a non-hosted account. But if you are a professional blogger, then a non-hosted account is more beneficial for you. 

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