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What Is Domain

What Is Domain

what is domain
what is domain

   What is a Domain? This question often comes in the minds of those people who think about earning money by working on the internet and Google. Because it requires a website or blog for them and then it is very important for them to know what is a domain name? So if you also want to know what is a domain name, then read this post once complete. Everybody uses the Internet in today's time, so everyone wants to know about the domain.

   In this period of digital marketing, everyone uses the Internet to grow their business and it is very important to have a website to spread any business on the internet. Therefore, before creating the website, you should know about the domain and what kind of domain is better for your website and blog.

  Today we are going to tell you the detail about the Domain Name System. So read this post carefully once.

What is the Domain name

  A domain is the name of any website. People who search through the Search Engine and access your website directly. Like if you type in Google, you can access direct Gmail.

   Think about how hard it would be to use the internet if you had to remember the number of such IP address to go directly to every website. That's why started the Domain Name System to make the Internet easy and easy. Which works only on the IP address in the background

   You need the hosting and a domain name to create a website. Then they are combined into one website. Now you have to search the domain name of google just to go directly to that website. Which you easily reach that website. This is called a domain name or web address.

Type of Domain name

  There are several types of Domain Name. Whose importance is different We are going to tell those domains about which you need to know about. Because if the selection of a domain name is correct, it is very beneficial. Therefore it is very important to know this before you can choose a domain.

what is domain
what is domain

Top-level Domain

   Top-Level Domain Name is considered to be very very good according to the search engine and SEO. This is the last part of any domain. Which is written after dot Part. Written after the dot is called internet domain extension.

   This type of domain name increases your website's value in the search engine. Which helps you to rank your website. It is given higher priority over the search engine. Such as,, etc

Country code top-level Domain

   This type of domain is especially taken in the mind of a country. Which can attain maximum traffic from that country. This is the top-level domain name for any country. Which is given importance by the search engine.

   For example, if you want to get more traffic from India then you should use the .in domain extension. This is the domain extension of some other countries.

what is domain
what is domain

Sub Domain

  As the name suggests, it is only part of a domain. Which is called subdomain. It provides a lot of websites free. It is free.

  Just like if you use any video editing app free, you get to see it in the watermark video after editing that video.

  When you create a subdomain of a domain, its name is also associated with it. Like if you create a blog on Blogger, you are given a free domain which is something like

How to buy a good Domain

1. First of all, decide what will be your website Niche
2. Add related keyword to your website in the Domain name
3. Domain should be small and easy to remember
4. The domain name's spelling must be easy
5. Always choose top-level Domain

  To buy a domain is very easy. But before buying a domain, take care of the things mentioned above. There is a lot of website on the Internet from which you can buy a domain. Just keep in mind that his service is good.

   So, friends, I hope now you have a better understanding of what is Domain Name and how to buy a good domain. In this post, we have given you complete information about the domain.

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