Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Google Adsense

Google Adsense

Google Adsense
Google Adsense

 What is Google Adsense

  If you are new to the Internet world, then these questions will surely come to your mind. Today we are going to tell you in detail about this which you will understand very well. Google Adsense is not a new thing for those people who have been working on the internet for a long time but many people do not know about this, but those people who make new websites on the Internet or want to earn money by creating a new channel on YouTube So it is very important for them to know about it because if you also want to make a website or a YouTube channel, then all of them are incomplete without it. 

  There will hardly be a man who does not want to earn money from his website or YouTube, if you want to earn money from the internet then you have to also know about this network because these networks will help you earn money from the internet.

About Adsense

  As its name suggests, it is a Google product that works between advertiser and publisher. Since its launch by Google in the year 2003, it was bought by Applied Semantics Company, the network has emerged as the world's largest advertising network. When you visit to any website you will see ads displayed by Google in that website. When you click on these ads, Google Adsense gets money from it, Google retains some part of it, while part of it gives to the website owner.

 The best thing about it is that it does not take money to put an advertisement on a website. You can apply this ad to your website in free of charge. Google shows advertisements on your website only after following certain conditions. Such as content available on the website like image, video and any type of information should not be copied from anyone. To say, Google Adsense is a network that gives opportunity to earn money by placing advertisements in a website or YouTube channel.

  For example, suppose you want to spread the propaganda of your own product, because your product is known to as many people as possible and your product is promoted. For this, you pay Google for the promotion of your product, after which Google places your product advertisement on the advertising publisher's website.

How Works Adsense

  When a visitor clicks on the advertisement of your product and clicks on it, it will give you new visitors and you have given Google the money to the website that publishes ads and Google both share it. In this way, your product is promoted in exchange for a few rupees and this gives money to Google and the advertising publisher website. There are many things other than the promotion of the product which you can understand by looking at the advertisement Are.

Google Adsense
Google Adsense

 Terms and conditions

 You should also know its terms and conditions. In order to get an advertisement from this network of Google, your website must have original content. When you apply for it, their team checks your website. It takes about a week for them to advertise on your website, then they can approve your account, after which your You can place ads on the website. Now you know what Google Adsense is like how Google Adsense works. Once again you are told that this is a network that works between advertiser and advertisement publisher. This network is so popular that in almost all the websites you will be able to see its ads.

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