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Blogger vs WordPress

 Blogger vs WordPress

Blogger vs WordPress
Blogger vs WordPress
   Friends Whenever we create our new blog or website we have two most popular options: Blogger Vs WordPress. But there is a lot of problem in explaining who is best to create our website or blog. There is a lot of difference between both of Blogger Vs WordPress and it is very difficult for us to understand who we choose. If we want to know where we should make our website, then carefully read this post and you can get the answers to all your questions.

 Today I'm going to share you with some comparison of Blogger and WordPress platform and I'm going to tell you about which platform is right for you. In this article, I will tell about some of the advantages and disadvantages of Blogger and WordPress. Which will help you to choose the right platform for your blog?

  Friends to know about Blogger vs Wordpress, First of all, we will talk about some special points of both of these, then we will understand who is the best in both of them.


Advantages of Blogger

- is a simple platform where you can create a blog and it is very easy to use and manage.

- The best thing about Blogger is that you do not have to pay any single amount for hosting. It's absolutely free and you can create as many blogs as you like.

- The Blogger platform is a service of Google. For this reason, you will get the benefit of security provided by Google and no one can hack your blog easily.

- Your blog's entire data is hosted on Google's servers, so that will not slow your blog on more traffic.

- On the custom domain of Blogger, it provides you a free SSL certificate but you will have to purchase in WordPress.

Disadvantages of blogger

- Google has complete ownership of Blogger, That's why it's possible, Google can delete your blog when he needs it.

- You can never access the file in your blog's root folder, and its full control remains with Google.

- Blogspot gives some limited features for SEO, due to which the blogger takes more time to rank in the search engine.

- You get limited features on Blogspot, with that you have to work.

Blogger vs Wordpress
Blogger vs Wordpress


Advantages of Wordpress

- WordPress gives you full control on your blog and you can also access the root folder of your blog.

- Wordpress provides a lot of plugins for SEO that's why you can improve your blog's SEO.

- There are so many free and premium themes available for WordPress that you can customize and modify your blog completely.

Disadvantages of Wordpress

- You have to invest some money on hosting and domain every month for a Self-hosted WordPress blog.

- The security of WordPress depends on which hosting plan you using and which plugins to keep the blog safe.

  If you want to learn to blog and you don't know how to create a blog, how to write an article, or how SEO is used for blogs, then Blogspot or Blogger is the best platform for a new blogger.

  Apart from this, if you want to create a simple blog, or if your AdSense has not been approved and no earning has been done, then I would highly recommend that you create a blog on Blogspot.

  But if you want to do professional blogging and want to make it a source of main online earning, then WordPress is your best blogging platform.

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