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Best Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Website

Best Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Website

Increase Traffic To Your Website
Best Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Website

  Best Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Website: Whenever a new blogger starts his blog or website, for the first few months of his life, this question revolves around the mind, about what is the Best Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Website.

  For the success of a blog or website, how important is traffic, today you will find complete information from our website online Ideas.

  A good blog without traffic is also useless. In the absence of traffic, there is no importance of that blog or website. Just as a customer is important for the shopkeeper, the traffic coming to a blog or website is important for a blogger.

Best Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Website/Blog

By writing a long post

  If you really want to increase traffic to your blog or website, then write each of your posts in at least 2000+ words. Writing a post in 2000+ words is definitely a bit difficult but not impossible. If you have a thorough knowledge of your topic, then you can write 2000+ words on that topic.

  If you are interested in blogging and have complete knowledge of blogging, then writing for a post in 2000+ words will not be too difficult for you.

  Why do you need to write your post so long? Google has clearly said that it ranks the same post, which has been deeply told about a topic. Now if some topic has been explained in depth, then the post itself will be longer.

  Writing your post in 2000+ words means telling Google that I have tried to give a deeper explanation about this topic. In such a situation, the Chance of rank your post will grow automatically. As soon as you have a Post Rank, Visitors will start coming to your post. This means traffic of your blog or website will begin to increase.

High Quality Content

  Writing a big post is important because Google cares much about how much time a user has spent on your post. If you write a short post then the user will not take much time to read that post. Due to this, if you write a large post, the user will take more time to read.

  If a user spent more time on your post, then Google knows that you have written High-Quality Content in your post. Because of this, User is spending too much time on your post. The more time a user has on your post, the more chances to increase the rank of your post in Google.

  This does not mean that you write anything in your post. If you write anything for the length of your post, you will not get any benefit from it. The user will come and when he does not get quality content in your post, he will be back soon.

  He will not be able to spend much time on your post. This will tell Google that there is no quality content in your post. The effect of this will be that your post will gradually fall backward. So keep in mind the quality of the post as well as quality of content.

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Unique Content 

  If you want User to spend more time on your post then it is important that you type something new, that means Write Unique Content. If you write everything that everyone has written, then why will the user give more time on your post? Therefore, your effort should be to write something unique.

  If you see, try to writing on the Internet, which is not written before, it is very difficult to get. Still, you should try, your post is slightly different from others. What you can do differently in your post, it depends on you. You have to take some interesting tips in your writing so that you can bind the user.

  Tell me a little about yourself that you also faced this problem and how you solved the problem. This will make it easier for the user to join you. He will think that when you have faced that problem and you have gone out of that problem, why can not he get out? Do not try to steal from another person's article. Write your own unique content, then you will get some benefit.

Imbed Video On Your Post

  Now you may have understood how important it is for a user to stay at your post. User can spend more time on your post, for this, you can also Imbed Video in your post. You can also imbed more than one video in your post if you want.

  There is a lot of benefit from this. Video Imbed in your Post has many benefits. The first advantage is that the user will be better understood about the Topic. If he sees the video, then he will understand everything, well.

  The second advantage would be that the reading time of that post would increase. You can increase your Post's Reading Time from this trick. Meaning your post will rank very quickly with this trick.

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By using keywords

  Use more and more keywords to rank your post on Google. Which is your primary keyword, which you want to rank in your post, it should be in the title of your post. Must be in the URL of the post. It should be at least 2 to 3 time in the first Paragraph of your post.

  Your keyword should be on Heading and sub-heading. It should also have in Alt Tag of Image. Apart from this, your main keyword should be at least 2% in the entire post. If seen, there is a great deal of keywords in ranking a post. You have to use those keywords in your post, which people do more searches.

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On Page SEO

  If you do blogging, you must have heard about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is of two types - On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. Of these, On-Page SEO is in our hands, so first, pay more attention to your On Page SEO. As good as your post's On Page SEO, the chances of ranking your post will increase.

  However, it is very important for both types of SEO to be good for ranking a post. If I talk about myself, I pay a lot of attention to On Page SEO. I would also like to tell you that you must pay attention to your On-Page SEO because it is in our hands. In Off Page SEO, we have to rely on others and it takes a bit more time.

  On Page SEO does not take much time. You can do this at the time you write the post. I'm not saying that you ignore Off Page SEO. Also, note that it is important to pay attention to On Page SEO first. If you pay attention to On Page SEO, Off Page SEO will automatically improve.

  First, pay attention to your content. If your content is good then you will not need to do Off-Page SEO.

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Update Your Old Post

  Often, we make a mistake. As we write our new posts, we forget our old posts as well. Do not forget to update your old post every month. By doing this, Google gets the message that you have added or removed something in your post. This will increase the chances of getting your old post rank.

  Everything changes according to time, so Google believes that according to the time your post should also change. You do not necessarily edit your post only. You open it to edit and update it without editing it. This will greatly benefit you. Bigger bloggers pay great attention to this thing.

Convert your Blog or Website to an App

  If possible, you can convert your blog or website into an app too. Converting any blog or website into an app is no longer very difficult. You can do this very easily by Thunkable. Now you do not necessarily publish that app in the Play Store. You can also save that app on Google Drive. Share that app's link to every post.

  This will make it easier for any Visitor to come back to your blog. It will not have to type your Blog or Website address in your browser again and again. Apart from this you can also earn Earning from AdMob.

By writing Guest Post

  One of the most popular ways to increase traffic on your blog or website - write Guest Post. When we write Guest Post, it increases our Blog or Website traffic. Along with this, we also get a backlink. But there is no guarantee that every user will be coming to our blog after reading the Guest Post.

Use Social Media

  As long as people are not coming to your post, you try to take your post to them yourself. I mean, you share your post as much as possible. Share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

  You can create your own page and your own group on different social media platforms. Share your post as much as possible to those groups of Social Media, which Groups are related to Blogging. By doing so you can increase the traffic of your blog or website very soon.

Increase Traffic To Your Website
Best Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Website
  I hope you have received full information about increase traffic, from this post Best Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Website. If you like this post, then definitely share it with your friends and on social media. In our website online ideas, you will continue to get similar information.

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May 21, 2019

Best Ways To Increase Adsense CPC Rates

Best Ways To Increase Adsense CPC Rates

Adsense CPC Rates
Best Ways To Increase Adsense CPC Rates

  Best Ways To Increase Adsense CPC Rates - Google Adsense is the Best & Trusted Medium to Online earn, so, all bloggers place Google Adsense Ads on their blog. So that they can earn their online earnings through Google Adsense because Adsense is Google's product and Google Provides Ads of Different Categories to us, so we can make an "Online Earning" through Adsense by creating Blog on any topic.

  To Earning from Google Adsense, you have to pay attention to Google Adsense CPC because the more your Google Adsense CPC is, the more earnings you have.

  We are going to tell you some tips through our website online ideas in this article, from which you can Increase Google Adsense CPC Rate.

Best Tips For Increase Adsense CPC Rates

  To Improve the Adsense CPC Rate (Click Per Cost), you have to Focus on all these topics.

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High CPC Keyword

  We can use High CPC Keyword in our post. By which that when any user searches our keyword on Google or Other Search Engine and click on our post, then we get more earnings.

  A lot of people thinking, High CPC Keyword means when using such kind of keywords increases views on our article, but it's not at all. But by using High CPC Keywords is increases both, traffic and our earnings.

Actually using High CPC Keyword also comes with expensive Ads on your articles. More expensive Ads means that when anybody clicks on any of your ads, then the company will pay more money. In this way, if you talk about Revenu, then if the company is paying more then you will get more revenue.

  This is Main Factor to use High CPC Keyword in your articles, which makes both your blog's Ranking and Google Adsense CPC Rates high.

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Adsense Ad-Code Placement

  When we start adding Adsense Ads on our blog, most people prefer to place ads on Header, Sidebar, and Footer. But you may have noticed that when you search any article on the internet then you never see Ads of the Header, Sidebar or Footer of an article you read.

  Now comes a question why? Because we do not care for those ads. Our Main Focus is on our topic for which we went to that website, so we do not need to see those ads and click on them. The same thing when another user visits our article, he does not focus on Header, Sidebar or Footer Ads.

  Now a question comes again where to place ads? Seeing Ads on Header, Sidebar, and Footer, our blog looks just professional, so we must never forget these places. With this, we need to focus on the attention of the users on our Ads so that they click on that Ads.

  For this reason, place your Adsense Ads in the middle of your article, at the end of the paragraph.

  You must use Feature Ads, Content Ads, and Link Ads on your blog because when you place these ads, the chances of getting Clicks are greatly increased.

Use Robot.Txt And Add Adsense Ads, According  Article

  By using Robot.txt we can use Google Adsense Ads according to your article. Actually, some time ago, we had written an article Use Custom Robots.txt With Yout Blog in which how to use robot.txt how to modify, etc. then you should read that article and add a Robot.txt file to your blog.

  Adding the Robot.txt File Google Adsense reads our article. And according to that article, Show Ads on our Article. By which the user sees Ads related to our Topic and he clicks on Add to take that Service.

Write Complete Article

  When you publish an article on a topic in your blog, you should keep in mind that you can share as much information with your users. Because when you write a Complete Article, any user who visits your article gets complete information on that topic. This gives you two advantages Page View Time and User Satisfaction.

Page View Time

  When you write a Complete article on a topic, your User reads the whole article so that it remains on your article for a long time. This increase Watch Time of your Blog.

User Satisfaction

  When your users get complete information on a topic, they will regularly visit your blog. Which means that your Blog is Ranking High and your Google Adsense CPC also gets Improve.

Target Location

  Targeting a location on the blog is a quick show our Article in Search Results in that Location, which is a Traffic Increase on our Article. But for High CPC, we have to target location where CPCs get more.

  USA, Australia Etc. It is important that your blog should be in the English language and your English is also good. Because there is nobody searching any article in another language. in foreign Countries, you can write Blog in English and Target Location with Custom Domain. Traffic from foreign will also start coming to your blog and the CPC will also be high.

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization)

  SEO is a very important Factor, if you are a New Blogger or want to understand Blogging properly, then you have to understand SEO first. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) means to Optimize Your Article and Website According to Search Engine, which can quickly boost your Website in Search Result.

  There are two types of SEO 1. On Page SEO and 2. Off Page SEO

On Page SEO Techniques

On Page SEO

  Inside On Page SEO, we learn that when we write Article, then we need to know how to optimize that article according to the Search Engine.

Off Page SEO Techniques

Off  Page SEO

  Inside Off Page SEO, we learn that after we write an article, then what we have to do next, such as Link Building, Site Submission, Directory, etc.

Organic Traffic

  Organic Traffic is very important for High CPC. Organic Traffic, mean that the Traffic comes through a direct search engine, on our website. When traffic comes from Search Engine on our website, then we get more CPC and our Earning is also high.

Responsive Ads

  It is also very important that Ads are responsive because users open our website on different places such as Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, and Mobile Phones. If Responsive Ads are on our website, then it will be Resize according to the Device, which the Impact of our Ads on User is also good.

336* 280*
300* 250*
728* 90*
160* 600*

  You can put Ads of these Sizes on your website so that your websites ads work properly everywhere and get you Better Result.

  If you pay attention to all these Points, Traffic will also increase on your website and your Google Adsense CPC also gets high so that you can earn more money.

Increase Adsense CPC Rates
Increase Adsense CPC Rates

  I hope you got completely understand about Best Ways To Increase Adsense CPC Rates. Our website Online Ideas will give you much such information about online information. If you like our article, then definitely share it with your friends and social media.

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May 18, 2019

Building Link For Off Page SEO

Building Link For Off Page SEO

link buildinge
Building Link For Off Page SEO

  Today we will talk about how to Building Link For Off Page SEO for your website. Link building, that means linking your website to those places where you get a backlink for your website and your website's ranking is improving quickly. There are lots of techniques for link building that you can use to create quality backlinks for your blog.

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How To Building Link For Off Page SEO

Search Engine Submission

  After creating any website, it is most important that we give that website's information to Search Engine so that it can index our website and show our website in Search Results.

  There are so many search engines on the internet that use most people to search on any topic. That's why it is necessary for us to submit our website on all those Search Engines. So that our website will show in the results of all those Search Engines and we can get Traffic on our website.
  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  These are the most popular Search Engines that are used by almost all people today. You have to submit your website on all these Search Engines, for that you can use their Webmaster Tools.


  There are already many tools available on the Internet to ping, Through whom you can ping your website and articles.

  By pinging, your website gets added to Different Browsers of Search Engine and Social Bookmarking Sites. Which gives you backlinks and your website also adds to another browser of Search Engine. Increasing chances for showing up your Website in Search Result.
  • Pingler  
  • Ping My URL
  • Pingomatic
  These are very popular Pinging Sites, so you can easily ping your website.

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Articles Submission Sites

  There are many websites on the internet that facilitate the article publishing to you. You can provide a link to your main article by writing a Demo Article for your article on these sites.

  Using Article Submission Sites, you can create Do Follow Backlinks for your website, and these backlinks are very effective so that your website will be ranked fast.
  • Blogger
  • WordPress
  • Tumbler
  This is the most popular Articles Submission Sites. On which you can create backlinks to your website and articles by writing a small article.

Guest Posting

  Guest Posting means that you write your article by visiting another's website. You can also tell it that when you write an article for someone else's website, it is called Guest Posting.

  The benefit of Guest Posting is that you can write articles on those Popular Sites, where visiting Daily Thousands of Peoples.

  You can also share information about your name and your website on those sites so that visitors of that website get information about your website. You can also link your website with your article. Which give you a quality backlink along with Promotion.

Blog Directory Sites

  There are lots of Blog Directory Sites on the Internet on which you can submit your blog to Free. Submitting your blog to Blog Directory Sites gives you Dofollow Backlinks for your website.

  Do Follow Backlinks are very important for the Website, so you should submit more your blog websites at Blog Directory sites but there is another very important thing that when you submit your website to Blog Directory Sites Then you have to select a category.

  You should select the exact category and you should not add your website to any Blog Directory Sites which you do not find related to your topic.

Social Bookmarking Sites

  Social Bookmarking Sites are Sites where you can create Do Follow Backlinks by submitting articles to your website.

  There are so many social bookmarking websites on the internet where you can create your own account and add links to your latest articles on those sites.
  • Digg
  • Diggo
  • StumbleUpon
  • Delicious
  • Tumblr
  • Akonter
  These are all very popular Social Bookmarking Sites. With this, you will know about many social bookmarking sites on the internet, on which you can create your account and create Do Follow Backlinks for your website.

link building
Building Link For Off Page SEO

In Conclusion: Building Link For Off Page SEO

  "Building Link Off Off Page SEO" is very important for any website because, with the help of Off Page SEO, you can promote your website as much as possible and create maximum backlinks. Which means Increase Traffic on your website and you get maximum benefits from your website.

  I hope you have liked this article. Our website Online Ideas will give you many such information about online information. If you like our article, then definitely share it with your friends and social media.

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May 15, 2019

Off Page SEO Techniques

Off Page SEO Techniques

Off Page SEO Techniques
Off Page SEO Techniques

Off Page SEO Techniques- Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which means Website Optimization by Search Engine. To optimize any website by Search Engine, it is very important that you have two types of SEO information. The first (On Page SEO) and the second (Off Page SEO) because unless you have complete information about this two SEO, you will never be able to get your website up to a good rank.

  You should be well misinformation of both On Page SEO and Off Page SEO, so that you can optimize your website well both inside and outside.

  Inside Off Page SEO, we learn those techniques, so that we can promote our website as much as possible and create backlinks so that our website becomes Ranking Improve.

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What Is Off Page SEO Techniques

  When we create a blog or website, then the information about that blog is only for us. That's why we need to that we can give information to more people about our website so that people can get information about our website and visit our website.

  In addition to Off Page SEO, we should also learn about Link Building, through which Search Crawler can quickly find our website and show it at the Search Result quickly on top.

  The techniques we use to do both of these works are called Off Page SEO Techniques.

About Off Page SEO Techniques

  As we have already said that within Off Page SEO, we learn about the Promotion of Website and Link Building.

  Website promotion and link building also have some similarities. Because when we promote our website, we also provide a link to our website, so that Visitor can click on that link to visit our website and to get Traffic Increase on our website. The same Condition also occurs in Link Building.

  Because even when a visitor clicks on our given link, it gets redirected to our website.

  But there are differences in both, so we will know about both of these and the techniques used in it to help you understand the topic of Off Page SEO.

Off Page SEO: Website Promotion Techniques

  When we promote our website on different Sources on the Internet, it is called Website Promotion Techniques.

Social Media Sites

  Social Media Sites are the Best Medium to Promote Any Product because most people create their own accounts on Social Media Sites and they are also active on Maximum Time Social Media Site.

  Now Social Media Apps, along with social media sites, are also used much more. So you can promote your website well using Social Media Sites and Android Apps.

Benefits of Social Media Sites

  It is also very important to use Social Media Sites properly. Because it is not that you just create your account on any social media site and share your website link and you start getting traffic. So you have to first see what Social Media Site is providing you with.

  On most Social Media Sites, you can get the facility of creating a page. so first of all, create a Page with the name of your website on that site. so that your page is promoting along with the link you have shared on that site and get Like that page so that you can get as many followers as possible.

  Benefits of enhancing followers are that whenever you share a link on your page, your followers get a Notification. So they get your Link Information and they also read your article by clicking on the Shared Link.

  Another advantage of creating a Page on Social Media Site is that, on Social Media Account, you can add people to your account in a Limit but increase Unlimited Followers on a Pages.

  With this, you will find many different groups on social media. You can join Related Group to your topic and share your website and article link in that group. Which lets you easily find interested people on your topic and also increase the chances of clicking on your links. Some of the most popular Social Media Sites

  • Facebook
  • Google Plus
  • Twitter
  • Linkdin
  • Instagram
  • Whats App

Photo Sharing Sites 

  There are many websites on the Internet where you can share uploaded images on your website.

  Photos are a very good medium to promote any product or website. You can also give your Post URL with these photos. So, those who see your image and if they are interested in that topic, then they can click on that link to visit your website.

  Some of the most popular sites for photo sharing are where you can share your image.

  • Pinterest
  • Google Image
  • Instagram

Video Sharing Sites

  Watching the video is like most people, so most companies use Video Ads to promote their product.

  You can upload videos to Free Video Sharing Sites by making videos from your website or articles. There are also many Video Sharing Sites that provide Ads on your Video which means that you can Earn from your Videos too.

  In this way, you can promote your website by creating a video of Published Articles on your website, and you can also earn Earning from those videos.
  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Daily Motion
  These are the most popular Video Sharing Sites that you can use both Promotion and Earn simultaneously.

  Most bloggers use YouTube and they share the link of their article in the Description Box with Video on their YouTube Channel.

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Question Answering Sites

   There are lots of websites on the internet where you can ask your questions. If you look at these sites, then there are available questions on almost all topics. You can also give your website URL in response to those questions. Question Answer Sites are used extensively in today's time so you get easy access to your Topic related questions too.

  By answering a question on Question Answering Sites, you have two advantages - 1 you get a backlink and 2- Everyone can see the question that you are answering, which is also Read the answer you have made. This also promotes the promotion of your website.
  • Yahoo Question Answer
  • Quora
  • ask
  These are the most popular Question Answering Sites.

Blog Commenting

  Blog Commenting idea is a very good option for promoting any blog because, through Blog Commenting, you can comment on blogs that are relevant to your topic. Because when you comment on such a blog, you find those people who are interested in your topic.

  Blog Commenting is very easy. You can search any blog that related to your Topic or Keyword on the Internet. And at the top of the blogs you find, you can give the URL of your blog in the Comment Box by commenting on those blogs.

  The Visitors of that Blog also click on the link given on your comment and visit your website and you also get Quality Backlinks.

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Forum Posting

  Forums are like any group created on Topic where people interested in that topic can ask their questions. And share their experience with each other. So first of all, you should find out forums that are related to your Topic related active people. Because those who are related to your topic only they are asking their questions on that forum.

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  You can reply to those questions answer and also enter your blog's URL by answering those questions.

  In this way, you can give information related to your blog to people related to your topic, so that they visit your blog. This is the easiest and effective way to increase traffic on the Blog. Today almost all bloggers use forums and they get very much traffic.

Off Page SEO Techniques
Off Page SEO Techniques

  I hope that by reading this article on our website online Ideas, you have got complete information about Off Page SEO Techniques. If you like this post, then definitely share it with your friends and social media.

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May 12, 2019

Benefits Of YouTube Channel For Blogger

 Benefits Of YouTube Channel For Blogger

YouTube Channel For Blogger
Benefits Of YouTube Channel For Blogger

  If you notice, all the popular bloggers in the world, they have their own YouTube channel. In this post, we are going to talk about the Benefits Of YouTube Channel For Blogger. It is the best online ideas to increase your earning.

  Every blogger wants to provide the best content to his visitors and to reach their content to the target audience. YouTube has a very big role for this, especially for new bloggers who have recently created their blog or want to be a successful blogger and want to grow it.

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Importance Of the YouTube Channel for Blogging

 By our website online ideas, you can understand the Importance Of the YouTube Channel for Blogging. In today's time, all the popular bloggers have their Youtube channel, or many YouTubers have their own blog/website. This shows how much of YouTube's role is today on the blog or website. Popular bloggers like ShoutMeLoud, Backlinko, Neil Patel encourage you to video blogging and also include your YouTube video in the blog.

  Read the points below to see why you should start the YouTube channel along with the blog.

    Extra Source of Traffic

   People now have the first choice to watch videos on YouTube. You can also take benefit of this and send this traffic to your blog. If you are creating a YouTube video for your blog, you can easily reach your audience.

  From the facts given below, You will know how big YouTube.

 - YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine on the world and the 3rd most visited website worldwide, behind only Google and Facebook respectively.

 -  1 billion people visit YouTube each month all over the world.

 -  100 hours of video are uploaded every 60 seconds to YouTube globally.

 - You can navigate YouTube in a total of 76 different languages of the world.

  It means that you can also attract some groups visitors/fans/customers by uploading videos to YouTube and send this traffic towards your blog.

  Generally, a blog receives more traffic from being a rank in a search engine or more than brand value.

  Initially, the new blog does not have much traffic for 2-3 months because it takes a little time to rank your post, in this case, if you upload related videos to your blog post, then you can definitely make more traffic.

  If you take the example of any blogger, you will know that more than half of the traffic comes from YouTube on his blog. This lets you understand the importance of YouTube.

  Not only the blogger, but many companies are also have channels on YouTube. This gives them more traffic and communicates more actively with their visitors, than any other social networking website.

  Apart from this, you can promote another blog. A blogger works on a lot of blogs at one time. You can get lots of traffic by promoting your second blog on YouTube.

Connect with your Audience

  Definitely, video is a better medium through which we can connect and interact with our audience in a much better way.

  Many people are not interested in reading the blog. Reading for them is boring and more than reading, they like to watch the video. Adding video to your post for visitors such a great option.

  You must have seen, on some blogger's blog posts YouTube video embed. Through this, you try to reach the informers through text, audio, video in more ways to the audience. This will enable the audience to understand your point and engagement on your post.

  There are some things that you can not just express through text, video is the best way to explain it.

  Videos are the best for Tutorial blog. If you are looking for some tutorial blog and you have both text and video then you will always like to watch videos and understand them well.

  YouTube has the option of live streaming, here you can connect directly with your visitors and you can get feedback for your blog as well as answering their questions. You can know what kind of posts your audience are likes and what you need to improve in your blog.

  In this way you can increase the popularity of your blog and create a brand value of your blog. Your blog can grow faster by YouTube.

Boost Search Engine Rankings

  You may have noticed that YouTube videos often rank highly in Google's search results. its means Google considers videos as important as text.

  Increasing interest people's in the video, encourages Google to rank high-quality sites with video content. You can take advantage of this by writing a high-quality post on your blog and making a video on YouTube on the same content.

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  You can get some SEO benefits using video inside the blog content.

Build backlinks:

  You can create backlink by putting the URL link in your channel information or video description on YouTube. If you have unique and high-quality videos, then other bloggers can give a link to you.

Reduce Bounce Rate:

  The lower the post's bounce rate, the better it will rank in Google search. According to SEMrush, the bounce rate is the 4th most important ranking factor on SERPs.

  To reduce the Bounce Rate, you can embed the video into a post, so that the audience's engagement remains, it will stay on your page for a longer period and lower the bounce rate.

High Rank in Search Results:

  If you have a relevant video and SEO optimized, Google can rank it within its suggested videos, which usually rank on the first page in organic results too.

Increase Authority:

  Inside on page SEO techniques, I told you how much importance of the use of multimedia is essential for your SEO. This will increases the quality of your content and people start linking your content. This also increases the authority of your site. The more your website's authority in Google's eyes, rank your pages faster in search results.

  That's why use your YouTube video as your blog content. Always, research the keyword for video, and SEO Optimize your YouTube videos using your keyword in title, description, and tags.

Increase Earning

  Making a video on YouTube is a hard task, but if you get money for it then you will also want to create a video along with the blog post. Through Adsense, you can monetize YouTube and blog together.

  By embedding YouTube videos within the blog post, you can double your earnings. In this case, you can earn money from blogs by ads place and earn money from ads coming on YouTube video. In this way, you will also get traffic from YouTube search and Google Search and earning will also be double.

 Because of all these reasons, I would recommend to you if you are a blogger then you must start a YouTube channel or you can blogging if you have a YouTube channel. As we discussed above, Benefits of YouTube Channel For Blogger, apart from this, it is also a second career option for you.

YouTube For Blogger
Benefits Of YouTube Channel For Blogger

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May 09, 2019

How To Use Keywords For SEO

How To Use Keywords For SEO

use keyword for seo
How To Use Keywords For SEO

  Friends, today we will learn about How To Use Keywords For SEO in Blog Post. To make Post SEO friendly, it is important to use a quality keyword. Today I will tell you where and how to use keywords in your article for SEO. You can get ideas about use keyword on blog post by our website online ideas.

  Search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) will rank your which article, depends on which keyword you use in the article and where you use it. If you do not know how to use a keyword, you are losing a lot of traffic.

  If you want online money through blogging, writing a good quality article is as important as it is, the more important it is to use the keyword correctly. So let us know where and how to use high-quality keywords in the blog post.

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Use Keyword In Article For SEO

  When you write an article, using the place to add keywords it is called Keyword Placement or Keyword Prominence.

  This is an important factor for SEO of your post. If you do not use keywords correctly in the post, then your post will not be able to rank in the search engine even if you have written a high-quality article.

  Through keywords, you generate traffic from search engines on your article. It depends on what keyword you rank, what keyword you used in the article and where it has been placed in the article.

  Here we are going to give you important tips about How To Use Keywords For SEO, which you can make the article SEO friendly by following.

Keyword In Post Title

  Post title for On-Page SEO is an important factor. If the title of your article is great and it contains targeted keywords, the more people click on your blog post. For this reason, you must use your main keyword in the title/headline of your post.

  The title of the post is by default H1 heading. Use your main keyword in Title as well as in other headings like H2. This will definitely give you the benefit of the search engine rankings.


  One of the most important things in the post after the title is the permalink. Permalink is the URL / link of any post, to make it SEO friendly, include the main targeted keyword of your article in the permalink.

Meta Description

  Whenever you search anything in the search engine, you show title, permalink and meta description in all the results. These 3 factors are very important to rank your post.

  Meta Description or Search Description provide some information to your search engine about your article. You can also use your main keyword in it as well as some other related keywords.

  Your blog post should have a meta description of 160 characters. The more unique it is, the more relevant keywords, people will click more on your link and it will help in ranking a particular keyword.

Image Alt Text

  Image is the best way to get more traffic on your blog. You can find search engine traffic by optimizing the image of the blog post. But the search engine does not recognize the image. That's why` you have to use Alt Text in the image.

  In Alt Text, use the main keyword of your article. Apart from this, you can also use keywords in the title text and caption of the image. Whenever somebody searches for that specific keyword in Google Image Search, the image of your blog post will show and it will get traffic on your post.

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Use Keyword in Post’s First and Last Paragraph

  You should add your main keyword to the first line of the first paragraph of your article and if possible, use a related keyword in the same paragraph. Whenever you write an article, try to use your targeted/related keyword 2 to 3 times in the introduction of the article.

  In the same way, you must also add the main keyword to the last paragraph. Apart from this, you can include target keywords and LSI keyword as well as in the middle of the post.

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Do not use keywords more many times

  But do not use too many keywords anymore, it may be keyword stuffing on your post. Include your main keyword and related keyword with the keyword's density of approximately 1-1.5%. If your article is about 500 words then use the keyword 5 to 7 times in it.

  Make sure to use Bold, Italic or Underline wherever you use the keyword in the post.

  By following these tips, you can understand how to use the keyword for SEO on your blog post and rank your targeted keyword in the search engine. To know how to keyword research, please read my article Keyword Research.

use keywords for seo
How To Use Keywords For SEO

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May 07, 2019

Online Ideas To Make Money Online

Online Ideas

Online Ideas

  There are too many Online Ideas available, who can give you success in the online world. The number of Internet users or online users is increasing day by day, which is also increasing the likelihood of low investment online business. Online business works 24 hours for a whole year, thereby increasing the probability of profit in business.

  There are many online ideas which can do the same as Part-Time Business. At the starting time, you have to do hard work but later you get more benefit from your hard work. Many businesses are making good profits in 2-3 years by making their business online. Online Business is Low Investment Business.

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Online Ideas To Make Money Online

 In today's date, the internet has become a world, which has reached the lives of thousands of people to the top of success. You can find a lot of Online Ideas for success in the online world.  You have to invest less money to start an online business and you can start it as a part-time business or full time.

Buy And Sell Domains

  By registering a good domain with a good name, earning good money by selling it online, or by earning money by buying and selling a registered domain in advance. If you have a registered domain, then you can sell it at a good price.

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  If you are fancier, of writing then you must definitely start blogging. After some time you can make money by Google Adsense. With blogging, you can share your thoughts in front of the world. And this is also a good idea to earn money online.

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Affiliate Marketing

  By Affiliate Marketing can also earn good money. You can promote this on Facebook, BlogSite, Twitter, Google Plus and other social media. You can earn good money by joining the website Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, and start the work of Affiliate Marketing.

Click here to know more about What Is Affiliate Marketing

Youtube Chanel

  If you can create a good video on a motorized, instructive, entertaining, special subject, then upload it to YouTube and earn money from Ad. When your channel is approved by Google Adsense, you can earn a lot of money from YouTube.

Click here to know more about How To Make Money On Youtube

Make Money Online with Paid online surveys

  Many online surveys are such that you get money when filling. You have to register on the survey website and according to their rules, you fill the survey, you get the money in return.

Selling Old Goods online

  You can earn money by selling old stuff online. Many people earn money by buying old and inexpensive goods online and selling on online commission.

Sell Car and Bike Online

  Many people also make good money by buying cars and motorcycles selling them or selling them on commission. Those who want to sell their cars or motorcycles do not get them a buyer fast, you can take photographs of cars or bikes together with such people and put their picture and price on the Online Car Selling Website. You will get a quick customer and profit (your commission).

Make Money Online By Writing

  If you have a good knowledge of English then you can earn money even by writing online. Many news channels also offer Hindi writing. Joining the UC News and you can also start writing online. There is an option for both Hindi and English.

Click here to know more about How To Write A Blog

Make Money Online By Data Entry Job

  A lot of online websites are those who offer the job of data entry. If your typing speed is good and you can work faster on the computer then you can earn good money by doing it even part-time.

Trading - Buy and Sell Shares

  Earn money by buying and selling online shares. Initially, you should have some information about this. Start less money and invest for a long time.

Make Money as a Freelance

  If you have good knowledge of any technology then you can earn good money by registering yourself on the website of Freelance.

Business Promotion

  You Can Make Good Money by providing Online Business Promotion Service It can also be done as a part-time job.

Social Media Marketing

  You can earn good money by providing social media marketing services too. The company, the leader, the actor, etc. give their jobs to the Professionals to run their social media account.

Start Small Shopping Portal

  You can earn money by starting a selling website. In this field, if you have the technical knowledge, then you can get more profits.

Sell eBooks

  You can earn money by selling your written book online and earning good money by selling books written by others on commission.

Dating Website

  You can also earn good money from the dating website, too much visitor comes to this type of website, that's why you can earn good money from Ad. Also, you can earn money from Paid Member, Paid Feature, Paid Information when the website becomes more popular.

Make Money by selling online photo

  If you are a good photographer then you can earn money by selling online photos. You will find many Images Selling Website or Photo Selling Website on the internet.

Online Video Editing Service

  You can also make money online with video editing. You will get great money in video editing. There will be many such works online, where you can earn good money even by editing video.

Real Estate, Properties Rental Services

  You can earn good commissions by helping someone buy and sell a house. If you make this business online, you will get more clients and your profits will be even more. You can create a website to do it online.

Selling Gift Items Online

  There are many websites to sell online gifts but there are good profits and small websites that sell Gift Items also make good money.

Offer Graphics Services

  You can also earn good money by offering online creative graphics service. There is a great demand for good freelancer graphics designers. You can also sell your creative graphics or designs online

Selling Artworks Online

  By selling online artworks can also make good money if you are a good painter. If you have good knowledge of Artworks, you can earn good money by doing online sales.

Online Technical Trainer 

  The demand for a good online technical trainer is increasing day by day, so being an online technical trainer is a great option to earn money online.

Motivational Speaker

  The motivational speaker has many options to earn money online. You can make money by uploading motivational videos to YouTube. Many companies invite Popular Motivational speaker by giving good money to motivate their workers.

Online Handmade Craft Seller

  Handmade accessories look beautiful and different, many people like to use hand made goods. Anyone can make good money by selling hand-made goods online. You can also do this by connecting to a website like Flipkart and Amazon.

Online Ideas

Web design

  Web design is a great option, to earn money online. You can make great money by designing a website for the client. You can do this work even sitting at home. This is a very good online idea to make money online. You can earn good money by providing online website design service, you definitely need to design your creative design on your website. Foreign clients give great money for good design.

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